Waypoints (15 chars?)


It’s very annoying that you have little control over line placements, it should be possible to route a line however you want using waypoints, for example If I want my line to not have sharp turns I should be able to make it loop around (with a longer line) more smoothly, or I should be able to direct my track around the outside of another one rather than striaghtlining through it.


Yeah, that would be nice. Definitely makes going around the obstacles easier, so maybe it could be an upgrade? It would be pretty simple to add.


Playing with the lines ended up being one of the constrains that made the game more interesting as it can be a problem and have you rethink about how to build your metro system more efficiently. If we had it always looping around water or didn’t give penalties for switch-backs, the game ends up being quite boring and easy.

And adding it as an upgrade is an interesting thought. Though the way that the game is set up, it wouldn’t be all that easy to implement. The game is over 4 years old so the codebase can be a bit fragile in places.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


Could it not be handled by making it a new station type? One that you can place (permanently) but never generates passengers (or passengers wanting to go there). This would dovetail with making it an upgrade as well as it would make it usable by multiple lines, it would certainly add a new strategic element.

Besides easy is a matter of level surely? Failure is guaranteed regardless at some point.


I agree-great idea because the challenge of going around this is really annoying!


How about SELLING waypoints? For example, instead of choosing a new LINE or a CARRIAGE or 2 TUNNELS, you could add 3 WAYPOINTS to your inventory for future use. If you can figure out how to use WAYPOINTS to avoid using a tunnel, that’s fine because you’ve paid a price for them.


That’s pretty much what I was thinking. A real subway line wouldn’t cross the river if they could go around it.


YES! Exactly. You have defined a “Way-Point”.


Maybe, but as i think Navi adresses above, thats part of the beauty of mini metro. As well as this, if you take a look at the new creative mode, you can see that stations take up a space on the grid, and whilst it could just be drag and drop like with the interchanges, i feel it would defeat some purpose