Weekly choice bug

When I get offered my week 3 upgrade in the daily challenge 18 sep, I get no options to choose from, and can’t click anything. Only option was alt-f4 :frowning:

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10/9/21 - Same exact issue with today’s Daily Challenge. Week 3, no options, only choice was to force close the game. I’ve attempted this challenge 3 times, always with the same bug on week 3.

Daily Challenge today was only roundabouts offered with roads. If your Daily Challenge was the same, then there’s a bug with this specific type of challenge.

I have also noted that for some reason this Week 3 bug uses a ridiculously high amount of CPU – this game rarely hits high CPU usage, let alone red levels. My PC specs are fantastic, and it runs high load games without issue, and the CPU is fine.

I say all of this for anyone else that may be experiencing this same bug, and for the devs trying to pinpoint what is causing this.