What about Chicago


There should be a chicago level. as some know, chicago has an elevated rail system, but mini metro is subway. but why dint they do chicago and what makes this level unique is that you can only lay tracks down over streets. any street


Hey! We have a thread for city suggestions that you’re welcome to post this in. We use this thread so we have all of the suggestions in the same place when we’re figuring out our next maps. Cheers!


You’d need to be able to make p-loops or something to better represent the Loop elevated tracks (like someone mentioned here a couple years back).


But there aren’t enough rivers as natural barriers.


Well London only has one and that worked pretty well


One river even without isles (separating the map into 2 parts) is in fact enough! Same with Melbourne and Shanghai!


The Chicago River is still pretty major, and Chicago is on Lake Michigan as well.