When making a screenshot, please give the players the option to include Passenger Counts


I’ve been observing the Mini Metro community for a while, and have noticed a peculiar problem.

When someone claimed to have reached an all-time top 100 score, or have made an achievement of breaking their own personal records, they showed a screenshot of their lines and passengers in the stations. What the screenshots don’t show is the total passenger counts that the players has fared, just before they lost the game.

This is what we have thus far. See if you can identify how many passengers the player has fared over the course of 1 session?

For someone who checked out just the screenshot, they wouldn’t be able to know how well the lines are doing, and what the end results are. And that is a problem if someone can’t prove their scores.

May I ask if the game can provide the options to include Passenger Count Score somewhere in the corner of the screenshots?


Just to close up the riddle, the answer to the screenshot is:

The player has ranked in the all time top 100 for Paris, and this screenshot is their proof. No scores though, so who knows if it’s in the top 10 out of the top 100, or the last 10 of the top 100?



This is something we’ve talked about a bit already. We’d want to give people the option to include certain info which would take more to complete. It’s on our list to have a think about for the future.