White screen on Chromebook (Android version)


The game has given me a white screen (graphics error?) on two separate occasions while playing the android version on an Asus Chromebook C202S. The pause menu is still accessible, and the game seems to come back once I’ve hit resume, but as soon as I click on anything in game - the whole screen goes white and the music/sound effects stop. I can continue to pause and unpause and the game will still be there and continue to run, but clicking anywhere freezes it up. This has happened 2 minutes into the tutorial map, and 8 minutes into the London map. Let me know if I can provide any more information.

My thought was Google Play Games was doing something? I haven’t set up an account for that. Perhaps it was trying to display an achievement? The game can continue running untouched until Game Over though, so I don’t think it is related.

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Hi there! Sorry for the late reply.

Our Google Play version isn’t built to be compatible with Chromebook at the moment which is why it’s not working.

We do want to support Chromebook in the future and we’re setting about getting a device in the office so we can have a look at it. I can’t promise a date, but we’re getting the process started.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.