Why so slow when lines cross?


I was wondering why the trains have to slow down when two lines cross outside a station. I can’t really think of why this is necessary as many metro systems have non station crossovers.


Originally we wanted to replicate the ideal look of metro maps and didn’t allow lines to cross at all. However this hard limit on what the player could do wasn’t very enjoyable when learning the game, and also wasn’t quite realistic as many maps have to show lines crossing each other. So a year or so ago we loosened the restriction to let players cross lines, but with the soft penalty of having trains slow down when crossing. This means that you can do it if you have to but it leaves room for optimisation.

It makes more sense if you think about Mini Metro as a map simulator, rather than a metro simulator!


If its a map then why does it have trains? looks smugly at pc screen


Well, we did have to make some modifications otherwise it wouldn’t be a very fun game!


It’s a real-time map, of course!


Real time rail maps look like this